Next Week.

My parents had ever had the same dream when they were taking a nap!

My father and my mother woke up and then my mother started to tell about her dream. She dreamt about our neighbor, Mr amir, whose house is located in front of our house but one block to the right. Mr Amir, as in her dream, was building his house for the second floor. And my father was surprised because he dreamt the same thing!

When my mother and her friends went to a shopping center, she told them about dreaming the same thing with my father. One of her friends said that what a soulmates my mother and my father are. They could dreamt the same thing. I wonder if their dreams were connected, not only the same!

You wouldn’t believe this.  Now, I can hear the workers’ knocking and beating sounds. It happens everyday at Mr Amir’s house. Yes, it does. There are some workers are working now. Mr Amir is building his second floor at his house! How come my father and mother’s dreams come into reality?

This morning, when I asked my mother and my father about their same dreams when they were taking a nap a moment ago, my father said that he didn’t dream about that, but my mother said yes. My father forgot it easily! How come, I think it was a unique experience, ever! My mother remembered and she’s in wonder.

Alright, next week we are planning for the proposal.

See you Clyde next week. My God please bless our plans and may they are held smoothly.


P.S. The Grand House has been sold.


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