The Eleventh of November This Year: ɑ grandchild prayer

Eve – I’m on the road to Surabaya. At 19:26:16 the traffic is so bad here. Me, my mother and father are going to my old grands’ house – where everything start from. Oh sigh. It has been ɑ long long time to tell the whole life of the family.

My God always protects, guards and guides us, my family to reveal the truth and the best deal for everyone about the house. My grands’ house. So, I may call it as ‘The Grand House’ in Silver Bay, Surabaya. The street name where the grand house located is Reef Bay number 53.

We used to go there for caring and sharing happiness. Now is very different from the old days when my grandmother and grandfather still alive living there with their oldest daughter and grandson and granddaughters. That house is sold. We have to find out the agreement among all of my grands’ sons and daughters.

I rely on God to give all of us the best way and decision that win all sides. I’m praying for it to You, God. Please help all of my grands’ offspring to live in peace. Thank you.

Ρ.S. R.I.Ρ. I Wayan Sudiartha and Ni Wayan Sudiartini. God makes them become God and Goddess who guide us all here, the family which is still struggling in the world for their legacies spiritually, genetically and materially.



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