We Got All The Lovely Memories: 1st Once

♡ I miss you.
♥ I love you.
♡ I want to come back Jakarta!

♥ I want to live this memory forever, the beginning, the exicited feeling, the enjoyable flight, the journey to ɑ different place just about hours from the city where I live, the feeling of so good… God, it’s so good just to recall it…♡

My favorite memory;
May 18. (2009)

I forgot what day it was… I went to school attending the last test at school. It was an English practice test. I asked my teacher to give me ɑ quick time to go home because I would go to Jakarta.

She gave it. My mother kept sending me sms to remind me the time I had to go to the airport. She and especially me didn’t want to miss the flight at all.

My brother didn’t join me to go to Jakarta but he join us to the airport only. My mother prepared me quickly when I got home. IT WAS MY 1st TIME TO TRAVEL ALONE TO JAKARTA BY PLANE (: I was nervous but it felt sooo gooood!
Please repeat it again and again and again… ♥!

My mother drove me to the airport fast. I remembered it was drizzled and cloudy, I was happy and we were rushing to Jakarta[This feeling is very lovely, I want to capture it forever] ♡! I felt the adventurous rush!!!

In the parking lot, my brother didn’t help me to bring one of my luggage. So I picked them all and ran to the entrance. My mother was willing to accompany me inside the airport, but she was forbidden. Then, she ensured that I’ll be Ok by myself. I said It was Ok.

In the airport, I passed the metal checking and collected my luggage from the checking machine. Then I walked inside there are ɑ lot of counters with numbers.

There was ɑ man offered me ɑ ticket to somewhere far, I refused politely. Then I asked him which one for Jakarta. He told me the number of the counter. I hardly recall but maybe it was 23.

I went to the counter. Put my luggage in the baggage. And pay for some taxes. I entered and entered until the waiting room. An officer told me that no need to be in hurry because my flight was delayed.

I took ɑ seat. Contacted my mother that I’m alright inside, waiting for the delayed flight. And I wondered if the woman sitting next to me was also going to Jakarta… ♥♡ [waiting ɑ lovely adventure in Jakarta to come]


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