My Brother’s Birthday and They Went Asking Successfully

This evening they had just asked for the good date and for the ceremonial complements. The good news is the wedding ceremony could be held on one day, but they still had to ask to Pedanda for the good date of the proposal on Sunday.

I still have to wait until Sunday morning. Meanwhile, this morning I woke up early to help my mother making ɑ yellow rice and fried chicken with “laos” crumb. It’s delicious. At around 9 am we delivered the rice completed with the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, potato sambal, cucumber and fried egg to my brother’s rented house.

Before we exit the Delta Sari gate, I bought ɑ special gift for him. I entered the Indomaret mini market to get ɑ bar of chocolate. I chose Delfi’s fruit & nut chocolate. I wrapped it with the plastic bag and put in an envelope then I sealed it. I didn’t forget to write the message “happy birthday for him and for his happiness, may God always bless him…”

Then this evening while waiting his progress, my big sister Ayu, came to my house to enjoy the yellow rice. Oh, as we got home from Ryandi’s rented house, my mother pull over the car near the ITS dormitory just to buy golden melon and papaya plus ‘kerupuk upil’.

Thank you God for today’s blessings. And may I survive to get the next good news from him on Sunday. Please give us the soonest good date for the proposal and the best way to unite our love smoothly. (˘ʃƪ˘) Amen. Astungkara, I’m very grateful on his progress today~

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