The Freezed Girl

It’s not frozen because sounds not too nice to my ears. And it’s not about a cold temperament person.

So, The girl who always feels freeze-up. She needs some fabric to warm her body not only regular cotton but more woolen. The fabric forms could be; sweater, cardigan, shawl, balaclava or else. Some old knitted items. Those the outfits and what more useful is blanket. Furry soft blanket to send away the decreasing temperature while sleeping.

She’s skinny, very different from a walrus and even better a grizzly with its original fur. That’s why her body temperature is lower by the weather. However she likes the cold weather. especially when there is a fire in the shelter. From a tent to a cabin.  She can heats herself with a heap of fabrics or let her mate make a warmth.

An affectionate embrace. put his arms around hers body and hold the freezing girl tight. Under the more warming blanket.

I’m freezing. It sounds right. Then, because of the snow or the rain?

How to use the word correctly? Because I see red line under the freezed. Hold the frozen girl or the freezing girl?

Yes, she is freezing. Eating and drinking could help as well as keeping an dynamic activity. What could two person possibly do as a dynamic activity? Is it hardly possible to sweat too? Let’s experiment with that.

This story is for Clydonie who longs for me so much in an extremely cold weather such as Alaska. And in a less cold place, his home.

And for what we had undergone, wet from a local rain in a mountain. You were shivering after building a tent to protect us under the sudden rain. Then an embrace came from your back although you had changed your wet clothes to the dry one and worn a thick jacket you were still shivering. I held you passionately in my arms, put my rubbing hands to your chest and laid my head against your back. Peace of us. We should keep close to each other for good.

love, Jessmite. or as you tease me, Jessicut-cut.


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