Today’s Activities

Thursday I’m fasting as the suggestion of Cly. So, I have forgiven him too. We’re good now. I called him yesterday. He begged me a pardon. And then we communicated.

I woke up early in the morning about 5 am just to prepare the meal. I was going to cook eggs, I had put the pan on the stove and poured the olive oil. When I opened the fridge the egg holders are empty!

So I ate the rice with a few salt on it. I still couldn’t believe that I had to eat only rice and salt, so I opened the fridge one more time and became tickled for opening the freezer. I looked at what I found: chicken nuggets! Not bad. So I went to the fry pan immediately!

Thanks God, I finally ate chicken nuggets and rice. I made a delicious warm milk tea as my drink. I prayed at 6 am. Happy fasting!

I read A New Earth afterwards until I fell asleep. My house became quite quiet today when I am fasting. In the beginning of the afternoon my big sister came to my house and she went upstairs to my room. She preached that as I am fasting I should not only sleep!

We watched Fast Furious 5 together because my brother played the DVD. I watched Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster. Mia was pregnant and they were happy expecting the baby. I was envious to Mia and Brian because they could stay together and take care each other.

I told Cly that I had watched Fast Furious Five. He was surprised about the fifth! He hasn’t known yet the ending, the most surprising is the ending. While chatting, blogging and mopping the floor on progress in this evening I’m going to break fasting! Yeah break fast. I also has promised to make a call with him…

I want to write the next story about The Freezed girl also. It ‘s more likely going to be The Pressed Freezed Girl. It’s only the title that grammatically wrong, the idea comes very simply and the story is very short. Can’t wait. Alright, let’s check his comment!


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