If Not Now, When Will You?

I’ve been waiting for months. And waiting while not doing great things is boring. He makes me bored of waiting. Waiting until the day he will come. It’s a big deal with everyone.

When I called him last night he made me listen to the phone tone many times. Then I super hated it when the person I called was unable to talk properly. He was sleeping when I called. at the end he was angry to me!

I was numb. hung up. I turned it off the phone.  I was going sleeping. Not to remember about to call him anymore. Thank you for hanging up my phone first with rage. I didn’t want that. I very disliked it!

Someday when you miss me I won’t give you any mercy. Last night was too much. There has been too much patience  for you.  I don’t care about you anymore. It’s up to you what will you do. I don’t care and I don’t want to talk with you anymore. Good bye!


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