Darell: The New Boy Next Door I Adore

I just know that his name is only Darel. Well, I’m sorry i can’t write the spelling of his name correctly because I haven’t known him so much. It could be Darel or Darell. I think the most cool is Darell with double l.

The neighbors love him soooo… not just because he’s new (so he could be ‘a shiny new toy’ in the neighborhood) but also because he is so gorgeous! Believe me that his face is just like sculpted by the angel. Maybe HE IS the angel – who sculpted his own face when he was going to be born? Nobody knows.

he has a straight reddish brown hair and white complexion skin. I won’t say that he is as hard as a marble – hell no, he’s just as delicate as satin or silk, maybe? Touch him and you can rate it on your own! Every time I see his face, the desire of mine is just to kiss him! Indeed.


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